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Planning a Wedding ? Everything you need to know! Part Two!

Top Tip Number 11 – Talk to Other Married Couples

One way to get some really good feedback is to talk to newly married couples that you know. Ask the newlyweds for advice and insights. They may have some expert tips and tricks that you haven’t come across before. They could have learned some really great stuff that can help you avoid situations or fling headlong into! Chances are they will be more than happy to share with you. Sometimes, friends and family are the best resources. Have you recently attended a wedding that you enjoyed? What did you learn from that?

Top Tip Number 12 – Only Book Vendors You?re Comfortable With

Don’t be tempted to rush into any decisions when it comes to booking your venue. Visit at least a few different options to make sure that the hosts really understand your vision and can deliver that within your budget. Getting the right people to work with will help to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Having a great vibe with them will help you relax and feel confident.

Take notice of how a vendor communicates as you try to feel them out. If their particular style of communication isn’t a good fit for you and your partner, then best to find out now. Don’t brush away feelings of worry that they aren’t the right hosts – break the tie before you get too deep in! If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions…

Top Tip Number 13 – Read Every Contract you are Asked to Sign, Properly

Don’t sign on any dotted lines you should check every detail. Information relating to:

  • date
  • location
  • times
  • deposits
  • additional fees
  • colours
  • quantities etc

should all be checked and then double-checked! It all needs to be in the contract because if it isn’t, or is written incorrectly, you will not be protected. If anything goes wrong and it isn’t in the contract then you won’t be able to do anything about it. For example, a contract should outline what happens if either party cancels, not just the client. Carefully read any policies regarding changes in what they will do for you. A venue might have a minimum guest count required. That could impact you if the RSVP total is lower than the original estimate.

Top Tip Number 14 – Choose Your Wedding Party Carefully

One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is choosing who to invite to be part of your day. The friends and family you ask to join your wedding party are there for your emotional and tactical support. That starts at the wedding planning stage right through to the point you leave for your honeymoon! Chat with your partner to figure out how many people you want as part of your wedding party. Think about the expenses that come along with this. Who do you really want to stand next to you during your wedding day? Are they capable of performing the duties asking of them? Be sure to make the right decisions.

Top Tip Number 15 – Shopping for The Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the aspects of planning your wedding that can be stressful, exciting, and a whole host of other things! We suggest that you start the process of finding your wedding gown once you have decided on your venue. and buy the dress around nine months out from the big day. That will give you enough time for fittings and alterations. The groom and groomsmen’s attire can be scheduled around the five-month mark. Don’t forget to budget for outfits for any pre-wedding events like brunches, showers, and rehearsals.

Top Tip Number 16 – Create your Wedding Website

A really great way to avoid getting endless emails and text messages from guests is to create a wedding website. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it gives a central location where guests can check out the details of your wedding. You should include important information like

  • dates,
  • times,
  • locations of the ceremony and reception,
  • dress codes,
  • registries,
  • transportation and accommodation options,
  • a day-of itinerary.

A good tip is that everything that appears on the invitations should be present on the welcome page of the website. There are websites that can help give guidance on how to do this – just google it and you will find heaps!

Top Tip Number 17 ? Create a Gift List (a Registry)

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding for many! You and your partner should begin creating your wish list of gifts you’d like to receive from guests. We recommend doing this very early on. If rather than traditional gifts you want your guests to contribute to fund personal things, then that is okay. You can ask for help with your honeymoon or a down payment on a new house or opt for a charitable contribution instead. These are all becoming more popular. You can put information about your registry on your wedding website. Another option is to include it as an invitation insert. Don?t put it on the actual invitation though.

Top Tip Number 18 – Recruit More People to Help You Out

You are not in this alone and you don’t have to be superwoman and do it all by yourself! Your bridal party, family members, and your soon-to-be spouse, should all be enlisted to help. Choose things tha they are good at and that will mean they may even enjoy it. It really is okay for you to delegate some of the jobs out. It can also help getting someone else?s perspective on an idea you have. Don’t forget to delegate is on the big day itself. You will need some extra hands to attend to tasks that you won’t be able to. Things like paying your vendors and making sure the flowers are distributed to the right people. Someone will need to liaise with the band or DJ if the venue isn?t doing that for you! Don’t ever feel bad about asking as long as you’re also understanding of their choice to say no! Most people will be happy to help and will love being part of your very special day,

Top Tip Number 19 – DIY, But Only Where It Makes Sense to Do So!

One effective way of cutting costs is to DIY some of your wedding d?cor. Some of these elements can be add some incredible personal touches to your wedding day as well as meaning you can spend the savings somewhere else! A small word of warning though… Don?t go overboard, or you?ll end up with more work than you know what to do with. There are lots of the DIY projects that can be done well in advance. Some of these are:

  • favours,
  • welcome bags,
  • making up table numbers

Get creative and you will be surprised at what you come up with! Don’t get carried away though. For things like wedding day florals or food, professional help is best.

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